Vocational training

The college is a vocational training organization approved since 1999, allowing both, internally and externally, training courses..

Professional training organization approval number : 93130844613

Technical training within CEEMF

Procedural training being conducted by the Training Center at judicial expertise of UCECAAP which CEEMF is a member, the College has resolutely oriented the training that it organizes on the technical level for its members, but also maritime experts who would participate in order to upgarte their technical ressources.

In this respect, it is proposed an annual calendar of training, distributed to members, which may be consulted with the Secretary General.


Training courses in 2014
- The barratry
- Latent defect of the product sold - Rigid Wings
- Rigging, development and control
- New propulsion methods
- Hydrostatic transmissions

Previous trainings :
- Propellers with an auto-feather system
- Sinking of the Motor Yacht YOGI (intervention of the BEA Mer at the headquarters of CEEMF)
- Shipwright
- Wood construction and repair
- Electrical losses
- Welding (failure analysis and expertise (CETIM conference at the headquarters of CEEMF)
- Vibration and vibratory phenomena on board ships (lineage – vibrations - resonance phenomena)
- In-depth study of the Decree of 04/07/1996 concerning leisure crafts (divisions 240 and 244)
- The duties of the expert - Appliances and equipment for diagnostic support
- MTU Company: organization - Production - Repair
- The propulsion of motor ships
- Propellers (France Hélice)
- Construction and refit ship - REACH training
- Techniques and interpretation of results (Fuel & Oil analysis), LC. Vernolab
- Intervention areas of APAVE and control
- Visit a shipyard repairs and work on the theme of maintenance and servicing in the field of yachting
- Techniques of investigations of the CETIM, by CETIM,
- Concrete case of judicial expertise
- Equipment which permit to measure and make technical investigations (presentation - use - exploitation of results) SOFRANEL Company
- Case law on unfair contract terms
- Submarine expertise
- Government policy for sea action at CROSSMED La Garde
- Hot dip galvanizing, GALVAMED company
- Treatment of oil pollution GIE - FOST
- Layering technique by infusion - Corrosion
- The expertise of powered recreational craft (theory and practice: concrete cases)
- Rigging
- Computational techniques and production of sails
- Reservations included in the expert reports (legally valid)