Become a member

Who ?

A/ Maritime and river surveyors or affiliated affiliates :
   - On a list of the court of appeal.
   - On a National list.
   - On a list of Administrative Court of Appeal.
   - In training with UCECAAP or similar.

B/ Any maritime and / or fluvial Expert practicing as a liberal and whose majority of his turnover is made outside the insurers (CESAM).
C/ Any beginning marine expert accepting the ethics of the CEEMF and whose desire is to be registered on a list of court of appeal of his professional address or his domicile.
D/ Any member of an association of professionals of the Maritime and Fluvial Expertise associated with the CEEMF.

How ?

By addressing to :
   - A member of the office.
   - A member of COMAD.
   - Presented or not by an active CEEMF member.
   - By consulting the CEEMF website.
   - By email :
By postal mail to CEEMF :
CEEMF - Maison des Experts - UCECAAP 9, rue Francis Davso (1er étage) 13001 Marseille

Providing :
   - An information sheet ( Download document )
   - a curriculum vitae accompanied by copies of the supporting documents :
        - An extract N ° 3 of the criminal record of - of 3 months (Virgin).
       - A commitment on the honor of respecting the code of
          ethics of the CEEMF

       - A completed and signed document ( Download document )

Study of the candidacy
By COMAD, composed of active members under the control of the President.

With studies of the documents communicated.
Meeting on the applicant's activity site by 1 or 2 members of COMAD.
Deliberation in the board of directors.
Send a letter of admission as an active member of the CEEMF or send an unsuccessful application letter.

Note :
Neither COMAD nor CEEMF are required to justify the sovereign decision.

Sending a signed commitment to return.
Sending an admission certificate upon receipt of the :

- payment of the right of entry 400,00 €.
- settlement of the contribution due on the current year (1/12).
- return of signed act of engagement.

COMAD reserves the right to :
Request the submission of reports already prepared by the candidate.(they will be studied confidentially and they will be returned after study)

Advantages :
    - Access to the CEEMF database.
    - An internal list of Referring Experts by discipline makes it possible to know the right interlocutor when a badly known problem arises
    - The continuous training of experts has been provided since 2021 within the CFEMF -