General presentation

The school founded in 1969 includes technicians from each of disciplines of the vast maritime and fluvial sector, in a spirit of independence, competence and objectivity.

College, association law 1901, is multidisciplinary in nature. Shipbuilding infrastructure through the environment, safety and navigation, stowage and control of faculties, work underwater, transportation and handling, corrosion as well as pleasure boating. College members, alone or in active synergy with competent colleagues, provide missions of expertise, control, monitoring, study or technical assistance to public or private clients in the same way as they do when they are mandated by the Ministry of Justice in the legal framework. The title of expert takes its fair value in the effectiveness, objectivity and independence, in accordance to the commitment on the honor signed by each of them.

Expert’s members of the European College of sea and river, besides theoretical knowledge, have previously acquired during their careers great knowledge in their respective fields.

The contact made between members allows the exchange of technical thus ensuring to each expert the benefit of feedback from his colleagues.

College, vocational training organization approved since 1999, enables its members to maintain the highest level of knowledge in the face of constant technological changes which are employed in the maritime field.

Furthermore, the college is a founder member of the training center for experts of Aix-en-Provence’s court of appeal; and a member of the UCECAAP, the UMF, the GMIF, the UP13, the FEMAS, CMF and GEM.