Quality Policy

Get the confidence of members, institutional and professional partners

This old-established confidence stems from the quality and the impartiality of the CCEMF :

  • The College is always listening to them
  • The College best meets their needs,
  • The College gives them advices, and supports them in their work environnement and their respective domains of activity

Ensure compliance and standardisation of services

The professionalism of experts from the CEEMF, is based on the compliance of their activities. In particular with :

- The respect of the standards of professional practice
- The knowledge and application of technical standards and specifications
- The listening and the follow-up of the standardisation
- The identification of their responsibilities

Mastering the experts’s activity technique

The maintenance of CCEMF members’s technicality calls for identification of :
- Actions and modern mechanism to ensure the mastering of the technicality
- Responsabilities and obligations of the Expert
- Investment in training and long-term initiatives

Promote the Experts

The professional competence is not a given. It is a value to identify, to enhance and to promote by :
- Selecting members with a great process of joining
- Ensuring to everyone useful improvements for their technical and legal interventions
- Ensuring the sharing of competences between members
- Communicating with his professional and institutionnal partners


Ensure a sustainable future, and an impartial and a quality work

The Expert is always searching for reasons for dissatisfaction, or disorders in relation to the requirements of impartiality an quality. He monitors these reasons in order to eliminate them, and to provide a great work.

The implementation of quality policy

This quality policy undergoes a certification procedure, it is reviewed each year in order check its conformity.